The Route

Hello and welcome to our first blog post on Travelflavel (don’t ask about the domain name). We’ll be documenting our travels over the next year on here.

For our first post; The Route. A route that we actually haven’t planned in depth… Of course we have ideas of things we want to do, places we want to see etc but it’s all very top-line leaving plenty of room for us to wing it (check back in a few months to see if this was a good or terrible plan). We’ve booked the key flights through STA travel and bought their blue ticket which enables us to change the flight dates without incurring the admin fees. So, here are the countries we’ll be visiting and the rough dates we’ll be there (South East Asia and South America will mostly be overland travel hence the really vague dates).

  1. Egypt (Feb 6th – Feb 20th)
  2. India (Feb 20th – March 20th)
  3. Myanmar (March 20th – 4th April)
  4. Cambodia (April/May)
  5. Vietnam (April/May)
  6. Laos (April/May)
  7. Thailand (April/May)
  8. Singapore (May 29th- 1st June)
  9. Australia (fly in to Cairns and make our way round the East coast – 1st June – 6th July)
  10. Fiji (6th July – 17th July)
  11. New Zealand (17th July – 16th August)
  12. Chile (16th August)
  13. Argentina (August/September)
  14. Paraguay (September/October)
  15. Brazil (October)
  16. Bolivia (October/November)
  17. Ecuador (November/December)
  18. Peru (December/January)
  19. Colombia (January)
  20. USA (specifically a few days in Miami and a couple of weeks in West Virginia – 18th January – 5th February)

A combined 20 vaccinations later (seriously), we’ll be visiting 20 countries in 364 days with 2 back packs. First stop, Egypt! We’ll let you know how we get on.

Sophie & Dave

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