Ep.10 – Koh Samui & Koh Tao


We hope you enjoy watching our underwater adventures in the Thai Islands. ┬áSee below for our fish identification chart of Koh Tao’s marine life.┬áThe video is mostly of our snorkelling in Koh Tao filmed on our GoPro!

Dave & Sophie’s fish guide to Koh Tao:

Black, white and yellow striped fish with tail
Angel Fish
Yellow and blue fish with large teeth
Blue-Barred Parrotfish
Brightly coloured closing shells
Bright yellow fish with subtle polka dots
Coral Rabbitfish
Small yellow fish with black stripes
Eight-Stripe Butterflyfish
Giant blue, brown and white clam
Giant Clam
Yellow and white fish with whiskers
Brown and white spotty fish hidden in coral
Honeycomb Grouper
Bright green fish with pink face markings
Lunar Wrasse
Thin silver fish with pointed noses
Needle Fish
Large, multicoloured fish with big teeth
Bright yellow fish with black and white striped face
Pocket Butterflyfish
Black and white fish with red stomach
Red Breasted Wrasse
Small blue and black striped fish
Sergeant Major Fish
Extendable jaw on pastel coloured fish
Sling Jaw Wrasse
Large green fish with black scales
Thick Lip Wrasse
Large, aggressive, ugly fish with sharp teeth
Titan Triggerfish
Polkadot fish with yellow patch and spines
Yellow Blotch Rabbitfish

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