Ep. 14 – Sydney, Blue Mountains & Melbourne


Our last couple of weeks on the East Coast of Australia; exploring Sydney’s iconic buildings, hiking the Blue Mountains and drinking lots of coffee in Melbourne!

As always, thanks for watching and please watch in 1080p,

Sophie & Dave

Ep. 6 – Laos

Here’s our video from our week in Laos. I didn’t take as many photographs in Laos as I normally do (due to our main activities being in/around water) so we are happy to have this little film to capture our memories. Personal highlight was seeing how much water people actually chucked on us in Vientiane during the water festival (you can see why we couldn’t have any camera other than the GoPro)!

Please watch in 1080p and thanks as always for following along.

Sophie & Dave

Ep. 5 – Thailand


If you’ve been reading our blog then you know we went to Bangkok a few weeks before Chiang Mai but we decided to put them together in a video. We’ll actually be back in Thailand next month where we’ll be visiting the Thai Islands. But for now, hope you enjoy seeing what we got up to. The elephants are undoubtedly our favourite part caught on film yet! Remember to watch in 1080p.

Sophie & Dave

Ep. 4 – Myanmar


Hope you enjoy our little video of Myanmar. It really is an amazing country and I’m so glad we went. Before we left, neither of us knew anyone personally who had been to Myanmar. Perhaps people avoid it because it is so unknown or because of its’ violent history. I hope you’ll take our word for it that it is definitely worth adding to your list of places to go!

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Sophie & Dave


Ep. 2 – Northern India


Welcome to the second episode of our world trip where we spent the last 2 weeks in Northern India! Again, so shaky, soz, we’re working on it.

Thanks so much if you’ve been following along so far, hope you enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to! Remember to watch in 1080p.

Sophie & Dave

Ep. 1 – Egypt


We managed to upload the video just before we left Cairo but didn’t have time to post it although now we’ve got a 4 hour lay over in Dubai and the wifi is decent!

Anyway, here is our first little film of what we did in Egypt (we are well aware it is not Oscar-worthy but it can only get better right?). Also, prep yourself for a little bit of camera shaking, and by a little bit, we mean from start to finish haha.

Watch in 1080p!

Thanks for reading and watching if you do!

Sophie & Dave