Ep. 8 – Cambodia


We are currently in Thailand and a little behind schedule but here is our short video of our time in Cambodia! We were a little weary of filming any part of the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng (S21 Prison) in Phnom Penh, hopefully you see this as educational rather than insensitive. If you’d prefer not to see the parts about the Cambodian genocide, skip ahead to 2mins12. The rest of the video is our time exploring the magnificent temples of Angkor in Siem Reap.

Our week volunteering at the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary will follow shortly and is in our opinion, the best one yet!

As always don’t forget to watch in 1080p!

Hope you enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to.

Sophie & Dave

One thought on “Ep. 8 – Cambodia

  1. Great to see you enjoying. Yourselfs. We’re in Crete witch started of good and has now been raining for 3 days so not much sun. A thing at the mo ! O sell things can only get better lol, keep the photos and. Idios coming, big bugs. Oxoxox

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